Internet Marketing for Local Business

Once, a small business owner could open their doors (figuratively speaking) and as long as they were offering a good product or providing a well performed service, they could quite confidently expect a steady supply of customers. Especially once a good word spread throughout the local community. The very enterprising used various traditional forms of advertising to spread that good word even further. Good businesses seemed to flourish with little more than a good name, and a good business and work ethic… And there just seemed to be plenty of work to go around for those who truly wanted it.

Fast forward to today’s current business environment. There is serious economic uncertainty amongst most communities, and the disposable wealth of yesterday has all but dried up… What does this mean to the average local small business operator?… It means that there is far more competition for a slice of a diminishing customer base.

Adding to that is the fact that those traditional forms of advertising are becoming less effective, more expensive, and progressively more and more redundant. For example one of the mainstays in local business marketing, the print media and print media marketing, is in serious decline… Internet marketing and social media marketing is where the growth in marketing/media trends is occurring.

Some of the services/practices involved with local internet marketing include:

  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook Marketing (Fan Page Creation and Development)
  • Article Marketing
  • Video Creation And Distribution (Video Marketing)
  • Link Building
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Google Places/Maps
  • Online Press Releases
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Content Creation
  • Marketing With Twitter

We provide help, advice, and professional service based around these fundamental internet marketing practices. Contact us here for more information or to hire us.

The simple fact is that the internet is here to stay, it’s not going away, and it is becoming hugely important for local business to stay competitive, and now is the perfect time to build an effective web presence… and always keep in mind, if your competitors haven’t already established an internet presence, they soon will!



Blaine Barnett